10 Keys Of The B2b Digital Marketing Plan For 2018

A recent study published by ‘The Content Marketing Institute’ found that almost 90% of B2B companies now use content marketing as the core of their digital marketing strategy.

“And, 52% of the companies that currently do not have a B2B digital marketing plan, claim that they will do so within the next 12 months.”

The question you should ask is: How can I compete with so much B2B company that already uses content marketing in their business strategies?

10 keys to the B2B digital marketing plan in 2018

You have the answer to these 10 trends for 2018.

1. Have a content marketing strategy

According to ‘The Content Marketing Institute’, in the last year, the creation of content has increased by 85%. However, only 37% of B2B companies have a content marketing strategy integrated into the B2B digital marketing plan.10 KEYS OF THE B2B DIGITAL MARKETING PLAN FOR 2018

Why integrate content marketing?

These are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Calendar content. Publication of content based on a buyer journey strategy, to achieve maximum efficiency in converting visits to customers and future prescribers of the product.
  • Quality of content. Although the ultimate goal is the sale, we cannot ‘start building the house on the roof’. The process until the sale or buyer journey must have different stages and in each one of them offer prospects what they need at each moment, respecting the funnel of the b2b content marketing plan (Attraction, Conversion, Sale, and Loyalty).
  • Use metrics to measure the results. When we talk about metrics, we do not rely solely on measuring traffic, this is not enough. Above all, we must take into account the quality of this traffic and measure the impact of each action that is carried out. Getting qualified leads is the most important part of the content marketing strategy.

2. Rewards to encourage the appearance of brand ambassadors

82% of potential buyers seek recommendations and 74% say that word of mouth was a determining factor in their purchase decision. It is logical, therefore, to take into account a rewards campaign to retain customers and obtain prescribers of your brand and products.

While these types of rewards for brand loyalty are not new, the ways in which this practice can be implemented are changing markedly.

The automation of rewards is one of the biggest current trends. Converting clients to brand ambassadors will attract more potential customers through existing networks.

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3. Integration of the different channels

Content marketing uses different channels to connect and communicate with customers (web page, email, social networks, blog, video channels).

Integrating all of them in the digital marketing plan b2b will be essential to achieve the expected success, as well as knowing at what moment of the life cycle the user is at each moment (user journey ).

Knowing how and when to launch the different campaigns will be part of the strategy. It uses techniques such as retargeting, marketing automation or sales automation.

4. Use the video format. Youtube

The video is experiencing its moment of glory for a few years, and this is something that will not change by 2018. According to a study carried out by Google, YouTube is still the owner of this online format (with approximately 42 million daily visits ).10 KEYS OF THE B2B DIGITAL MARKETING PLAN FOR 2018

And this is not all, is that in addition, YouTube has already become the main search engine for users around the world. The YouTube search bar is used more than Google’s own.

Using video marketing is an almost mandatory option, sell what you sell. As well as studying the possibility of including pre-roll ads on YouTube within the budget of your B2B marketing plan for 2018.

In the coming years it is expected that some video formats such as Augmented Reality and Virtual will appear strongly, so do not forget these names either.

5. Use of mobile app and instant messaging

The growing use of messaging applications is also a proven fact.

According to the latest research of ‘Ofcom Communications Market’: ” more than half of the total mobile audience used Facebook Messenger (61%) and half used WhatsApp (50%).  The Snapchat mobile app had a reach of 28%, with 10.1 million unique visitors. “

Some big brands like IKEA or Amazon have been using these new communication channels with their customers for years, with very favorable results for their B2B digital marketing plan.

6. Custom user experience

Individualizing the experience with your customers is easier than ever and is accelerating rapidly through tools such as Hubspot and other solutions that help automate marketing.

This is nothing more than reaching your potential customers with guarantees of success and offering them a totally unique experience for their needs.

For this, of course, it is necessary to have a B2B digital marketing plan that includes this automation.

How to know what your customers expect and need? You can start by asking them through surveys or carrying out an exhaustive digital audit: what content has the most impact, what is the level of participation; how customers seek information … we are talking about metrics again.

7. Marketing based on customer loyalty

While the excitement of pursuing new accounts can be tempting, caring for existing customers is more rewarding and a more cost-effective way to increase revenue.10 KEYS OF THE B2B DIGITAL MARKETING PLAN FOR 2018

The first step to successfully execute a marketing strategy based on customer loyalty is to understand what your needs are and how you can satisfy them to improve the existing relationship. It is also key to know how to personalize the reward and maintain a regular contact by automating your B2B digital marketing plan.

8. Native Advertising

We have already spoken on other occasions, it is an emerging reality (again). While much of the current advertising spend is on social networks, it is expected that the native Publicidad grow more than 200% in the next two years.

“Native ads will generate 74% of all ad revenue for the year 2021.”

With those numbers, it may be surprising that only 41% are using native advertising in their B2B digital marketing plan, while 84% are still based on social promotions (according to a report by the ‘Content Marketing Institute’).

Part of the reason for the disparity between native and social promotions is the ease of use to activate ads on social networks through Facebook and Instagram.

The native ads are more time to consume and more difficult to set up, but the results are worth it.

9. Timeless content

It is a concept in which we must insist because many times we overlook it. The power of timeless content is enormous since that information you offer your audience will remain on the screen for a long time.10 KEYS OF THE B2B DIGITAL MARKETING PLAN FOR 2018

Because, remember: the content is not removed, we update it! So it’s something you should be aware of when setting the guidelines for your B2B digital marketing plan.

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10. The digital transformation

No, we have not forgotten the last one. This, more than a key, should be an obligation for 100% of companies, and that is why we will give a prominent place in the post.

There are still some companies that are reluctant to change their marketing plan. Betting on the B2B digital marketing plan for 2018 will be key to impact on your target and obtain better commercial results

Nowadays it is not understood that there is a company that can ignore this, the creation of a total digital ecosystem that transforms its form of communication is already a necessity for both parties.

On the one hand, the client expects responsive agility, bilateral communication, and active participation. And on the other side, your company needs to streamline the conversion processes and measure the results in a reliable way and with future expectations.

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