7 Challenges That Might Be Hampering Your Google Adwords Campaign

Google AdWords comes ahead as one of the most effective online marketing strategies as it is capable of boosting traffic for your website almost instantly. Since it is a paid form of internet marketing, you need to handle it effectively to get the best results and high ROI. However, running a campaign successfully is easier said than done, particularly is you are new to the online marketing scenario. Small mistakes can make the campaign expensive for the business, which may sometimes cost dearly and even endanger their survival for them. On the other hand, a well-managed campaign can change the fate of the business and take it on the growth route. The idea is to understand that challenges and come up with a strategy to overcome them effectively. Here are the challenges that might be standing in the way of success for your Google AdWords campaign:

  1. Understanding your audience: The biggest challenge that most campaigns face is about understanding the audience. This happens when the campaign is started in haste without researching the target audience and the keywords they are likely to search. There are some lucky ones who might strike gold by hitting the right keywords this way but most of them are destined to fail. The answer lies in conducting a full-fledged research to pinpoint your target audience so that you can reach them with the relevant keywords.
  2. Keeping up with the competitors: While not understanding your target audience is one part of the puzzle, not keeping up with the competition is another major challenge. The key is to stay ahead in every aspect of the business, including the AdWords campaign. Keep a close watch on their strategy, such as the keywords and ad copy they are using and the kind of impact being driven by them. You should even research the time period for which they use a specific keyword. The information can be useful for designing and tweaking your own strategy for better results.
  3. Defining the X-Factor of your business: Knowing what makes you stand apart is important as it gives you the confidence for convincing the customers about your “X-factor”. However, defining the X-factor of your business can be a challenge in itself. Analyze your business and define the reason that makes you unique, whether it is the product you are offering or the services you deliver to the customers. Focus on building an ad copy that highlights this uniqueness and is impressive enough to convey the message in an impactful manner.
  4. Spending optimally on clicks: Speaking of the biggest challenges of running a successful AdWords campaign, spending the right amount on clicks is something that might baffle you. the best way to go is to spend high at the time of launching the campaign so that the ad is in a position to get more clicks. With this, the ad gets a commanding position and high quality score, which ultimately translates into cheaper clicks. However, bids that are too high are not recommended as they may topple the budget and account to a negative ROI. The best way is to maintain an optimal balance while estimating the maximum CPC spend. It is better to avail the services of a professional adwords management company as they can help you handle this part in the best way.

5.Aligning your landing page for better results: The ad copy is one aspect of the campaign while the landing page is the other. Both have to be well aligned to get optimal result from the campaign and this is something that stands as a key challenge. Focusing only on the ad copy is the mistake that some marketers make. They should actually review the ads and landing pages together to ensure that they are perfectly aligned with each other. Ideally, the landing page should replicate everything the ad says. For instance, if the ad offers free shipping for the shoppers, the same should be represented on the landing page of the website.

  1. Fitting everything in limited characters: For an AdWords campaign to be successful, you must write a compelling ad copy that engages the users and drives them to convert. The biggest challenge, however, is to create an impressive copy given the limitation of characters you have to adhere to. The character limit you have to stick to is that of 95 characters, which means that there is not much to work with. With online advertising, the principle of “less is more” applies and you have to cultivate the ability of doing so. You need to fit in the X-factor of your business along with making an offer and including the call to action within these characters. Start by writing a few drafts and test each of them to decide which one gives the best performance.
  2. Making your website responsive: As mobile becomes the mainstay of online selling, it is important to have a website that delivers as seamless experience on the mobile as it does on the web. The key challenge here lies in the fact that most websites were created before the era of mobile responsiveness. Therefore, you would need to work on the responsiveness of the site to ensure that the campaign brings you optimal results. The reason is that users who click your ad on mobile will reach the website but will have a poor experience in case the site fails to load. Not only will the users bounce back but the quality scores of the campaign will suffer too. Therefore, it is essential for sellers to focus on having a mobile-optimized website to drive a successful campaign.

Running an AdWords campaign is a continuous process. Success does not only depend on creating a successful campaign but also ensuring that it is well optimized throughout its lifetime. It is best to avail the expertise of professional AdWords specialists who monitor the campaign on a regular basis and periodically test the strategies by altering the keywords, ad copies and bid values. Businesses scenarios are constantly evolving and you need to be on your toes all the time to ensure that your campaign runs successfully.

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