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If your business is on the web the first thing potential customers are likely to see is your website. It acts as your shop window, your business card and your advert, so it’s important to get it right. People do judge on first impressions so it’s crucial to make a good one otherwise you’ve lost out right at the beginning.

So what can you do to ensure visitors stay on your site and, ultimately, give you their business?

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Simplicity is Key

Whilst big businesses may have a lot of information on their home pages, they can get away with it because they have large numbers of repeat customers who know their way around and are able to find what they want.

As a small business you may only get one shot at keeping a customer so it’s vital that your homepage is simple. It needs to get across your message with either a straightforward slogan or a strong image. Avoid using too many colours, stick to a simple, clear font and don’t be tempted to add flash animations.

Keep it Short

Aim to get across your key information in the part of page that displays first in a web browser, and limit the amount of scrolling needed to reach the bottom – at least on the home page. There’s little more off-putting for visitors than having the scrollbar at the side of the screen shrink down to a tiny dot.

Keep the width of the page under control too, not everyone has the latest widescreen monitor and scrolling sideways can be even more annoying than scrolling down.

Load Times Matter

Both of the above tips will keep the page to a reasonable size, this means that it will load quickly. Do beware of large images or complex graphics as these can slow down load times. Although few people use dial up any more there are still people with relatively slow broadband connections.

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Understand Your Brand

A recognisable brand is vitally important for businesses. You need to make sure that your web presence reflects any existing brand that you have. You also need to think about how it portrays your product or service and whether it’s consistent across other marketing materials. If you have existing colours and fonts on your stationery and vehicles, for example, you need to use the same on the Web.

Embrace Mobile

Access to the Internet on mobile devices is booming, having more than doubled between 2010 and 2014. More than half of surfers now use a mobile device to access the Web.

It’s important, therefore, that your site is mobile friendly. If it’s not then not only are you missing out on potential customers, your page is likely to be penalised in search results too.

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