Christmas without Money but without Missing Gifts

The commercial chains have been responsible for creating the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas.

Although the custom of receiving gifts from Santa or some Christmas figure dates back to very old times, the type of gifts has changed. From receiving treats and food has changed to receiving expensive toys.

We do not intend to break with an old tradition, but many times the large number of friends and family we have is not enough to buy something for everyone.

Christmas without money with gifts

If for some reason or another you do not have money this Christmas, all is not lost you can still give something to your loved ones and friends.

Take advantage of your skills

If you know how to draw or play an instrument, it can be an excellent way to give a gift to your loved ones with a personalized touch. You can write them a beautiful card, a cartoon or even a melody. You can also give scarves, gloves or hats if you know how to knit.Christmas without Money but Without Missing Gifts

Cook something

Currently, there are endless tutorials for Christmas recipes, from cookies to cakes. Although it might seem like an initial investment of a single batch of cookies you can get gifts for several people. You can decorate them in a Christmas manner and it will be an excellent gift. You can also invite your loved ones to dinner or to eat and make your favorite dishes.

Give away time

In these times most people are busy. You can take advantage to give time and company, in case you need your help to do some activity you will be there as a present for these holidays. If you have not visited your grandparents or your parents for some time, it’s an excellent opportunity.

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This type of gift is very personal, it should be based on the tastes of the people to find a perfect one. Prices can be very high but there are economic options. Do not hesitate to visit fairs and bazaars to find much cheaper second-hand books.Christmas without Money but Without Missing Gifts

Generate a photo album

Before Instagram, most people used to see old photographs once a year. They used to be stored in boxes and abandoned somewhere in the house. Take the task of finding those souvenir photos and assemble photo albums with your loved ones, you can write a little story in each photo. It will undoubtedly be a very appreciated gift.

Organize an exchange

But this will not be like the typical exchange in which a spending limit is set. Some people often spend the budget. Also, not all have this amount of money.

This exchange can be with crafts, things made by people. So that the time is not over, they can take advantage of meetings to brainstorm and remember to do it.

If you organize with time, Christmas does not have to be a big expenditure of money. There are also many ideas on the internet that can help you find cheap gifts.

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