Commonly asked pharmacy job interview questions

Any job interview is a nerve-wracking experience, but if you haven’t done your research or any preparation, you could find yourself in a difficult situation when you are unable to answer some of the questions.

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You might even be in a position where you are asked about involvement in clinical trial services because working as a pharmacist doesn’t just involve dispensing from a chemist or hospital premises.

The Pharmaceutical Journal has listed seven of the trickiest interview questions you can expect to be asked in this profession. These are generally competency-type questions or scenario-based, so you will need to be fully prepared for this before attending your interview.

If you are attending an interview at agencies that provide clinical trial services, you are likely to be asked about your knowledge of the industry. A question pertaining to the Francis Report is often asked as anyone working within this industry should have already read much about it.  The may ask you do you know anything about Silicone Moulds and how they are used in the world of pharmaceuticals. You could prepare for this by looking at links like and read up on what they are used for.  Here is a look at some of the competency/behaviour-based questions you can expect at a pharmacy job interview. It would be helpful for you to plan your answers to some of these questions in advance. Think about what happened in these scenarios, why it happened, how you resolved it and what part you played in getting a situation resolved or making something happen.

1.      Can you describe a situation where you felt you went beyond the job expectation?
This is aimed at finding out whether you work beyond your limits and can recall times when you have exceeded the expectations of the job.

2.      Have you ever worked within clinical trials?
As already discussed, this is an area of the industry that pharmacy plays a large part in supporting.

3.      What drug would you be if it were possible, and why?
This question is a true test of knowledge.

4.      How would you deal with difficult customers that become angry?

5.      How would you speak to a customer who doesn’t understand what they have been given?

6.      What would you do if you noticed a person display drug-seeking behaviour?

7.      What are the greatest challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry in the future?
This is a test of how much you read and your views on the industry.

8.      What would you do if you can’t read the prescription?

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