In which country to invest in real estate?

Investment is one of the most popular financial investments. Known as being lucrative, it is common to meet him in many sectors and real estate is not exempt. Zone of enrichment or sudden impoverishment, real estate remains a very unstable sector and can reserve surprises as alarming as lucrative. This does not, however, prevent individuals and professionals to make a gross entry into the field and make investments.Some do market research and others seem to test the ground blindly in order to become the Croesus of the next day! When we talking about invest in real estate, however, we also discuss the country in which we want to invest in real estate.

An investment is a choice of the ground above all and a knowledge of the market at the risk of losing everything. As a result, there are countries where investment can be made without risk and where financial investment can quickly become lucrative.

Become rooted in the reality of real news

Before addressing the many countries that offer on a silver platter, it is best first to learn about the market in real time. Not all ads and offers on the internet are credible, even if they seem really appealing. And before jumping into the lion’s den (so if we choose the wrong country) it is best to consider his choice of countries whose economy is stable. It’s a foolproof insurance to keep their heads above water and not feel threatened if they made invest in real estate. And because of this, the best method is to test the ground on the spot. By examining the jurisdiction of the country and the laws governing the purchase or rental of housing, it is possible to provide a good investment. These are tags that help to pay attention to investments.

Here 5 Country you should invest in real estate


In which country to invest in real estate?

Dubai is a free and open state for investors of all nationalities. Provided you have a kind of “godfather”, a native of the country. The latter is a kind of attestation that the investor has rights in relation to his activity in the country. In return, however, the investor is required to pay a sum to the said sponsor. This is a case that is mandatory for most major projects.

But in some cases of acquisition by an individual for personal use, the investment follows the local taxes set and the obligations that the purchaser must pay. In any case, Dubai remains a country whose real estate investment remains a good plan in the long term. Being a country reflecting luxury, you have to invest in real estate a lot and know how to hold on to competitors to earn more. Moreover, the requests are more and more consequent in the country.


In which country to invest in real estate

The small island of the Indian Ocean offers luxury real estate. For some time now, the country has been opening up to the real estate sector and allowing foreigners to make local investments.The real estate programs are new and with a project that started recently, the funds start at sometimes very affordable prices. Since the small island is more and more popular with a luxury clientele, homes are priced at high prices and investments quickly become real gold mines. Moreover, the investment may be cheaper than in other countries (the local monetary value plays a very important role).

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The Dominican RepublicIn which country to invest in real estate

The country is in the Caribbean and is considered a haven par excellence. A title awarded thanks to a paradisiacal landscape. What is most pleasing in the country is that investments come at very affordable prices.Moreover, during the first three years, a foreigner with a residence in the country does not pay taxes on his income. This is valid regardless of the nationality of the investor. Taxation in the country allows you to make significant gains in your income as long as the latter is domiciled in the country.


In which country to invest in real estate

The most significant point in the country: real estate investment is cheaper. One can build very luxurious housing estates without spending astronomical sums (which is not often evident in other countries whose monetary value plays a key role).Since materials and labor are less expensive, Thailand is a good plan for long-term real estate investment. It is, therefore, necessary, privilege the zones in the edge of the sea and in the strategic places which attract the tourists.

The importance of rental profitability can make significant gains in just a few months. Earnings that show a rate of 10% per year in some places. However, it is necessary to inform oneself of the local law because, in certain places of the country, it is necessary to marry to a Thai before being able to make an acquisition of a ground.The ground will be registered in the name of the latter as well as the totality of real estate.


In which country to invest in real estate

Spain remains a very attractive country and despite this good news, we are surprised to find that real estate is cheaper there. The price of real estate has collapsed and the craze is noticed by foreign investors as well as the natives of the country. With a collapse of almost 30%, a real estate investment in the country quickly becomes an undeniable plan.

Being one of the most visited countries in the world, tourists looking for seasonal rentals are not lacking. So for those interested, rental investment is highly recommended. This is not a reason, however, to bet on any city.

The best is to look at the cities with tourists like Madrid or Barcelona. It will be according to the choice of the city that the fructification will be made. In any case, it should be noted simply that everywhere in Spain, the price of real estate is down.

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