Differences between fixed rate and variable rate in mortgage loan

When thinking about mortgage loan, you should know that you have two options: Choose one with a variable rate or with a fixed rate. If you already have one you can refinance with any of these options.

What rate is better for the mortgage loan?

Before you can make a decision you need to be informed about what the differences between these two rates are. Based on these differences you can choose the one that brings you the greatest benefits.

The fixed rate mortgage loan

This means, as mentioned in the title that the interest rate will be the same during the time the mortgage lasts. Even if the current rates increase yours, it must be maintained as in the beginning.Differences between fixed rate and variable rate in mortgage loan

This type of rate allows you to have a monthly budget towards your mortgage without changes. If you have a mortgage for 20 years with a rate of 4%, know that this amount will not vary at any time.


  • Stability: By not changing the rate, you can always keep the same budget and this gives you stability.
  • Fixed Budget: It is much easier to put together a budget when you know exactly the monthly amounts spent.
  • Tranquility: Know that regardless of the external variants, your rate remains.


  • Generally, in a fixed rate mortgage, this rate is generally much higher than in the variable rate mortgages. Even talking about the initial rate of these

The mortgage with variable rate

In these mortgages, as the name says, the rate varies. This type of mortgages are also known as the ARM and depending on the type of mortgage your rate also varies.Differences between fixed rate and variable rate in mortgage loan

These credits have a period in which the rate is fixed and after a time this rate adjusts. The adjustment is based on the formula that is linked to some economic indicator. Depending on the characteristics, this rate may be increasing or decreasing.

This is what you should consider before choosing a Mortgage with variable rate

  • How the variation of your rate is established.
  • When your rate is adjusted for the first time.
  • How often this rate will be adjusted.
  • What is the highest rate you can reach, as well as what is the lowest rate?

A simple example of how ARM mortgage works are to say that your rate is adjusted in this way: 5/1 this means that the initial rate is fixed for 5 years and that this rate will be adjusted every year.

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  • As mentioned before, the initial rate is always lower than in the case of a fixed rate mortgage.
  • The rate could go down instead of up and that may benefit you.


  • Rates could increase significantly over time.
  • It is difficult to make a monthly budget when each month has a different rate.

It is a personal decision to choose a variable or fixed rate, after having asked the necessary questions and analyze if this is convenient for you.

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