Does your office interior design really matter?

Here are four reasons your office interior design makes a bigger difference than you think.

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1. It reflects who you are

Your workspace speaks volumes about you and your company values. You can create child-friendly spaces if you want to support working parents, or locate your office space in an up-and-coming area to help boost the local economy. Using artwork from local artists and providing fruit bowls and healthy snacks are other ways to show how much you support your community and your staff.

2. It reflects how you feel about your employees

According to the Telegraph, the average British employee will spend 1,791 hours per year at the office, so your investment for your staff alone is worthwhile.

No one wants to work in a dull, drab cube any more. Ergonomic chairs and adjustable desks are great but are no longer enough. Make the most of features like natural light; it’s much better for your health! Consider the flow of the room and how you will move through the space. Colours and plants aren’t just attractive; they aid and increase concentration. If you need a helping hand with the design process, consider office fit out companies. Office fit out companies will do the planning and interior design for you to maximise your space and create stylish and appropriate working areas your staff will enjoy using.

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3. It reflects the way you work

Creating a flexible working space prompts your employees to work in different ways. Breakout areas will encourage staff to interact more. Hot desking does this whilst maximising your space. Think about quiet spaces where concentration and focus can be achieved naturally, and separate areas with larger tables to enable bigger collaborations. Getting this right really is a worthwhile investment, so using office fit out companies to not only design but also provide everything you need will pay off.

4. It reflects how you want your clients to see you

Clients will expect your working environment to reflect your values and reassure them about the promises you’ve made to them. If your business prides its innovation, for example, having an office with plenty of collaborative and creative spaces shows how you achieve this.

Your office design really matters if you strive for a happy, healthy and productive team, and clients who are confident in you.

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