Five Android Apps for SIP and VoIP calls

Voice apps can be invaluable, whether you are business user or just someone who wants to modernise their personal communications set-up. Here are five solutions for Android that are worth considering.

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Facebook Messenger

Although it began life as an instant messaging service, it has evolved to offer voice calls that are easy to initiate and receive as well as being hosted on a reliable underlying infrastructure. So for Facebook fanatics, it is arguably the best way to keep in touch with friends and family for free.


Skype is one of the companies responsible for bringing VoIP to mainstream attention more than a decade ago, and with Microsoft’s backing it has grown and grown. The Android app it offers is good for calls and messages as well as supporting professional productive features that make sharing content simpler.

Another convenient benefit is the cross-platform compatibility which lets Skype users share their accounts across mobile and desktop. And with new sharing features being added recently, it is growing in effectiveness as a tool all the time.

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Signal Private Messenger

If privacy is a major concern, then this is the app for you. The user experience is fairly pared back, but in exchange you get access to advanced encryption capabilities that will keep your conversations safe from prying eyes.


Favoured for both personal and business use, WhatsApp has billions of users and offers both voice and video calling capabilities along with the option to share media files with your contacts and create group messages. Unlike VoIP termination services such as, it is not tied into traditional networks or numbers, which does limit its usability somewhat.


The strange name of this app masks its user-friendliness and impressive integration of SIP and VoIP functionalities. It can work across a range of platforms and protocols, with the premium version offering video integration. For those who want to optimise their voice calling experience, this is one of the better options on the market at the moment.

An extra advantage of Zoiper is that it focuses on call quality optimisation, meaning it can still deliver a good experience even if network speeds have slowed to a crawl. So if you are hooked up to a busy Wi-Fi hotspot, it will still operate as normal.

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