How Progressive Jackpots Work

Progressive jackpots have gained popularity throughout the years and today, they are almost on any slots machine on the planet. In fact, when you talk about a progressive jackpot, you’re talking about a pay-out on a gambling machine. The jackpot is usually growing rapidly and is displayed with flashing lights and graphics so no one in a land-based or online casino can miss them.

Everyone dreams of hitting the jackpot, even those who never gamble. Why? Why the desire for winning the jackpot persists? Have you ever wondered how these progressive jackpots work? How can they generate so much money that keeps players coming back for more? There are plenty of things to know about them before you decide to hit the casino and one of the most important things is how the progressive jackpots get to that insane amount of money.

Progressive Jackpots

Jackpots are known to be one of the most attractive things in a casino. Add the ‘progressive’ to a ‘jackpot’ and you can imagine a life-changing sum of money. That’s right, progressive jackpots can give you a ridiculous amount of money if you hit them! The thing is, the jackpots are the highest prizes on a gambling machine and they increase by a small previously determined amount each time someone plays the game.

However, the chances to hit the jackpot are, as you know, very little. Needless to say, they work purely on luck and Random Number Generators. So, predicting when it will hit will bring you nothing.

How Do They Actually Work?

Aside from Stand Alone Progressive Jackpots, which are not linked to any other slots, almost all the other progressive jackpots work on a third-party game provider that many online casinos host. These casinos let millions of players play, as there are many progressive jackpot games, and the more they play and put money in their respective machines, the more the jackpot progresses. In that way, the jackpot, also known as the Network-Wide Progressive Jackpot keeps growing with the speed of light, because of the constant spinning all around the world.

What does that mean? That means that players are the ones who make the jackpot grow second by second. People all around the world are placing their wagers on online casino games and a particular percent of that deposit goes directly into the progressive jackpot amount. That’s why progressive jackpots can be millions and millions of dollars’ worth.

Now, if someone hits the jackpot, the progressive jackpot amount will reset to a particular amount, calculated according to the accumulated wagers. For more information about the current jackpot amounts you can visit

What Are the Odds of Hitting the Progressive Jackpot?

Many professional players have attempted to explain how progressive jackpots work and may bring you an insane amount of money or ruin your life. Some claim that there’s no way to beat the machine and recommend staying away from progressives.

Others, on the other hand, say that the amount that you could get is worth the try. However, they all agree that there’s a slim chance of actually hitting it.

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