Instant Access to Information

There seems to be much debate as to whether the internet is making people smarter or dumber.  It would seem from many experts in this field that the internet and the technology that it brings actually makes us smarter.

The main benefit is that users of the internet have access to so much more information and it is easily accessible.  It is possible for anyone to find the answers to almost everything on the internet with just a quick search.  Many people do argue though that because of the internet people know longer feel the need to remember these facts, they can just search and find the answer.  The thing is though that it would be impossible for one person to remember all the facts found on Google for example and would be impossible to remember it all anyway.  More accurately then, people now have the ability to expand their minds by using the internet and instead of storing vast amounts of information they can now do a quick search and find the answers as well as more information.

Use Natural Thinking Abilities

Another argument that is often made is that the internet is a distraction.  The argument states that all of the things available such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram make it difficult to concentrate and it means that users have to constantly multi-task.  This argument may seem feasible in the short-term, it does have benefits in the long-term.  The internet helps users to think about the natural abilities users have in order to be attentive and exercise self-control in light of the new technologies that are available today. 

Helps People think Differently

Because the internet enables people to think differently, “outside the box” one could say, people are able to store things that require plain memorisation on the internet and make use of the space in their brains to think in a different way, more abstractly.  It enables people to know how to learn, instead of just knowing specific things or facts. This process can be seen in many economies around the world where technology is replacing what humans do which means that people can now be trained for jobs that require knowledge and thinking is an important part of what they do. The internet also helps us save time by thinking less of unimportant things and helps users have instant access to loads of information.

Makes Life Easier and Cheaper

It is difficult to imagine life without technology such as smartphones and the internet as we do everything on them from enjoy the online roulette NZ has to offer to send emails and share photos.  People in the past spent large amounts of money on music, travel, movies and food and knowledge was limited compared to what is out there now with things such as Google and Wikipedia.  Life is much cheaper now and life definitely moves faster because of applications and connectivity all the time.  Life has become more complicated, but thanks to the internet many people have not really seen the change as people can now do things more quickly and efficiently thanks to the internet. 

The internet has made people smarter in many ways and has enable users to think in a different way.  Instant access to knowledge and facts about any conceivable topic has enabled people to be more aware of life outside of their world. 

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