Is Your Company Logo Sending Out The Right Message?

Why your logo is so important

First impressions count – it’s the reason why we wear our best clothes for important business meetings and job interviews. The way you look, and dress and present yourself are important visual clues to your personality, your ethos and even your moral values.

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Think of non surgical cosmetic companies such as who offer Botox Gloucester way and other similar companies. These are typically female orientated businesses and pride themselves as offering an alternative to full cosmetic surgery and enhancing a persona natural beauty rather than masking it. As a result their logos and websites are often very clean with clear lines and colours are chosen that appeal to their demographic. These industries have to operate very carefully when it comes to advertising, to ensure that they do not offend any potential clients.

More than a picture

Fonts, graphics and colours all have an important part to play in creating that vital first impression. The goal is to come up with a simple yet effective visual representation of your products that allows customers to engage with your brand. The aim is to create something unique and instantly recognisable to promote brand loyalty across your customer base.

Colour is hugely important in conveying emotions and principles, whether you are aware of it or not. An article for Entrepreneur points out that the colour of your logo can heavily influence the viewer’s perceptions of your products and services. Red is seen as a colour to inspire love, trust and passion for example, whereas black is seen as luxurious, serious and bold. Choose an appropriate colour and you could see profits rising sharply, whilst a poor choice could be making potential customers feel uneasy about your company without quite knowing why.

Getting it right

Unless you happen to be highly skilled in graphic design, then you really need to hire a professional to create a great logo for your business. It’s worth the investment as it represents the public face of your brand, appearing on your website, letterheads, business cards and promotional literature.

A helpful way of stretching the budget is to hire the services of a company which can tackle your entire online presence and create a brand to your specifications.With so much riding on the success of your marketing strategy, it’s worth spending the time and money to ensure it’s absolutely perfect.

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