Maintenance of your commercial equipment is important

There’s an iron law in all commercial catering which says that if a key piece of equipment is going to break down it will be during either the busiest service of the week or a very large event. And one sure way for this to happen is to ignore routine maintenance. So consider the benefits of a properly planned maintenance regime.

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Better hygiene

If your hygiene process is planned around key bits of equipment, your hygiene standards may nosedive if that equipment is unavailable. For example, if your washers are out of action, you are unlikely to be able to clean dishes and serving utensils to the same standard using the kitchen sink and a draining board.

When one piece of equipment goes out of service, it’s likely that the whole organisation of the kitchen will be affected. While the dishwasher air dries cutlery and crockery, a commercial kitchen trying to operate without a dishwasher is going to have to use tea towels for drying and these are notoriously unhygienic.

A proper maintenance regime will also involve cleaning the inner parts of equipment where food particles and dirt may have accumulated. So good maintenance and hygiene are closely linked. This is a point that the Food Standards Agency are keen to emphasise, particularly when it comes to any equipment that is used to store, chill or prepare meat

It is important to regularly check your appliances and replace any parts such as valves or hoses as soon as you become aware of issues with them. A Silicone Hose Manufacturer will be able to find a hose part for you and have this delivered to you in no time so you can have your system up and running again in no time.

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More efficient operation

Equipment that is in daily use and is not subject to a regular maintenance regime rarely performs to its full efficiency. Commercial washers, for example, need less maintenance than the old models but nevertheless, it’s worth remembering that your dishes will only be as clean as your dishwasher. The dryer can only dry efficiently if the air ducts are clean and free from debris, and the heating coils won’t get to the appropriate temperature if they are dirty.

The final rinse is an important part of the washer cycle because this is where any food debris that is still in the machine is washed out. The rinse nozzles that provide the water need to be cleaned out periodically, otherwise, debris will not be thoroughly removed from the machine and this can lead to a breakdown of the machine.

And lastly, descaling will prevent many problems building up in your kitchen equipment

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