All you need to know about a pitch presentation

A pitch presentation is one of the most significant documents of your company. It is your journey of hard work, hope and dream on slides that you present in front of prospective investors, potential and existing clients or business partners. Hence, a pitch deck should articulate and look compelling every time as these 10-12 slides have the power to make or break a deal for your business.

Here we are to share the important steps to make a persuasive pitch presentation.

  1. Tell your story 

It’s common knowledge that the opening sets the tone of any meeting. Therefore, the first slide of your presentation is crucial to grab the attention of your audience. Thus, get straight to business and state the below two things-

  • Company overview
  • Differentiator or USP

This PowerPoint (ppt) slide should inform about what your company’s business and how your products and services are different or better than those available in the marketplace. It should be self-explanatory so that when presenting, you can weave an attention-grabbing story about the birth of your company and the problem it aims to solve. Be mindful to not overcast the slide with financial details as it can take away from your story. Also, if the probable partner or investor needs information, they can always ask for it.

  1. Highlight your unique propositions

An important component of winning investors or business partners is by highlighting your unique propositions. Therefore, have a dedicated slide on your range of products and services. Also, focus on the problem-solving capability of your company in a way that no other business in the same league can provide. To substantiate, you can showcase any proof of sales, patents and significant purchase orders that can make your company a frontrunner for that investment or business.

  1. Know our target audience

A business is nothing without its customers. So, in this slide use age group, gender, demographic data, etc. to determine your target audience. Also, highlight how this specific customer group will lead to profitability. The clarity of knowing this information will give the investors the faith in your organization and to justify their involvement.

  1. Present your plan

This slide a critical for your presentation as it presents your company’s vision, and its projected growth plan after it receives investment to the potential investor or business partner. It is advisable to highlight the past by mentioning the successes of your company and future by stating the vision for the next 3-4 years.

  1. Talk numbers

After sharing your business plan, it is essential to talk numbers, both the current financial status and the funding it requires to fulfil its goal. After all, you need to specify the funds you require for growth, expansion, new product development or deployment and to reach profitability. Also cover information on the percentage you will dilute and, the timeline before going for the next funding round. Know this slide thoroughly as this will be one of the most discussed slides. Take a quick break after this slide and offer your guests coffee and snack from Exact Vending machines.

  1. Know your Competitors

Knowing about your competition is a major rule of business. Thus, we recommend on listing the names of direct and potential competitors in this slide of your presentation deck. This shows awareness and understanding of the competitive landscape to an investor or a business partner. You should also include the point on how you plan to counter competition Also, stay informed about the recent news of funding and any other important activities of your core competitors.

  1. Showcase the Team

The strength of a company lies is in its products/services and its core team. Thus, highlight their background and experience as this information helps in convincing investors and business partners about the possibility of successfully executing the current plan and of achieving the goal.

  1. Last Slide

The last slide is as important as the first slide. Thus, give a recap of all the important points like company highlights, achievements, the money you wish to raise, unique selling proposition on your products and services, etc. Present with passion as the potential partners or investors need to see your conviction to make your business big.

We conclude by saying that a pitch presentation is an important document for any company. Therefore, before presenting it in an important meeting, practice, practice, and practice.

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