Nissans Don Forman and Fox5’s Surprise Squad: Creating a New Meaning to Hope and Humanity

It was almost 5 years ago when Fox5 decided to air a new kind of television show that not only touches the hearts of many but also make a difference. They asked the help of countless personalities around Las Vegas, who would help them provide deserving residents with the things that they need. One of those who responded passionately is Don Forman. He has been a successful entrepreneur and luxury car dealer, owning United Nissan in Las Vegas and Tustin Nissan in California.

Despite his personal and professional success, Don Forman has never hesitated to help local residents because he always has his heart in Las Vegas. Through the years, he has been one of the most significant instruments in Fox5’s Surprise Squads realization of their television show dreams. Bringing a new kind of compassion that transcends boundaries, Don Forman has personally worked with Fox5 create a new vision of hope in Las Vegas.

The Surprise Squad has also partnered with several Las Vegas giants including Albertsons Vons and America First Credit Union. Their collaboration has rocked the very core of Las Vegas even in the midst of all the adversities faced by the city. Surprise Squad once filled tanks of unsuspecting drivers when gas prices were soaring high. People in the streets were more than just shocked at their luck and the show really showcased how appreciative these people were even with the simplest acts of kindness.

American values may have changed over the years, but Don Forman and the Surprise Squad still puts us in the same kind of level when it comes to bringing out our human nature. We tend to be celebratory with the simplest forms of happiness and grow closer in the face of human tragedy and misfortune. Surprise Squad more than just creates a new meaning to hope, but they are giving us a new perspective of what it is to be human and what unity can do in the face of adversity.

Don Forman has never hesitated to create an alliance with Fox5 and the Surprise Squad because he knew that compassion always wins. He was very active with his humanitarian cause during the wake of the Las Vegas shooting where several people died and were injured. Don Forman also made it clear in a statement that he will continue to work with Fox5 and the Surprise Squad as long as he wants. He is not stopping now and he wants to continue showing the world how a small act of kindness creates a ripple effect on humanity.

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