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If you’re soon to be embarking on the adventure of moving to a new house or thinking about a move, then you might want to consider hiring a professional removal company after you’ve seen what’s on the market at a Gloucester Estate Agent. For more information, visit Gloucester Estate Agents TGRES. Unless you only have a small number of belongings to throw in the back of your car, most of us would benefit from the services of those who understand the art of packing fragile goods and how much weight they can carry in a safe manner. Here are a few tips on how to choose a removal company:


A recognised endorsement scheme such as Which? Trusted Traders can help you find a good removal company and check what other customers are saying about them. Using a scheme such as this ensures that all businesses listed have undergone strict assessment processes. You might also want to check if the company is a member of the British Association of Removers. This guarantees that the company has certain levels of professional training, experience and insurance. Other accreditation bodies include the National Guild of Removers and Storers, the Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme and the Road Haulage Association.

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When getting quotes for moving, you’ll need to factor in how much needs to be transported, the distance involved, and the number of crew members required. A reputable organisation will help you keep costs down and thoroughly explain all their charges to you. It can be a cheaper option to agree to find your own packing materials and do some of the easier, lighter packing yourself beforehand.


Don’t get less than three quotes and it’s always better if the company visits your home rather than provides an estimate over the telephone or online. By visiting your property, any factors such as restricted access, narrow staircases and parking issues can be assessed properly. If you are receiving a quote over the phone, then don’t forget to include everything such as contents of loft or garage to avoid any nasty surprises in the cost.

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Asking lots of questions about certain eventualities will also keep you more informed. For example, what might happen of the move is postponed for any reason. Find out what the time limit is for insurance claims after the move. If you have any highly expensive items, will they be covered by the insurance? Note that if you do any of the packing, the company’s insurance will not cover those items so it’s best to leave the delicate and fragile items to them.


Once you’ve made a decision on which firm you’re hiring, it’s useful to make a detailed plan and send a copy to the removers. This could include information on special items that will need extra care when packing, details on hard-to-move furniture, any extra-heavy items, a floor plan of the new house and details of any soft furnishings that are going with you.

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