Selling T-shirts online: a possible business

You can focus on creativity, on the uniqueness of prints or simply on phrases with effect and slogans: here’s how to selling t-shirts online

A business that can be started even without specific training and without large budgets available: to sell t-shirts online you need imagination, resourcefulness, and familiarity with the web. T-shirts have come a long way since they were born, back in the 19th century: they owe their origins to the US Navy and, to bet on, they will not disappear for sure at least for the moment. Suffice it to say that only in the United States represent a market of 25 billion dollars but that is potentially much wider if we consider abusive reproductions.

How many remember the good times of adolescence, when they printed t-shirts with slogans or famous people and were sold during the summer to raise some money? Maybe you have also looked for various job offers in the summer and maybe sold their own T-shirt in their youth! In any case, things have changed since then, but only because today everything is on the web: the T-shirt industry has exploded thanks to the Internet and the growth of e-commerce and marketing platforms. In theory, today anyone with a computer and a connection can put on a website and start selling t-shirts online to an international audience.Selling T-shirts online a possible business

So “do you have the stuff” to become an entrepreneur and selling t-shirts online? Surely yes, but it will be good to read some tips before throwing yourself into this business.

How to selling t-shirts online: some tips

Understand and study the selling T-shirts business model.

Selling t-shirt online does not mean simply printing on some t-shirts some slogans or funny faces. Unless you have really covered shoulders, do not think about this opportunity as your first business but use T-shirts as a form of promotion of your existing business, your blog or a specific campaign. For example, many young designers think about selling t-shirts online to launch their own brand.

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Create and design a T-shirt.

Choose a fabric or design for your T-shirt that is of medium quality. Always remember that no logo or print in the world will be enough if the shirt you wear is uncomfortable or has a poor wearability. At the beginning, you do things in a simple way and only have one design for one type of T-shirt. Too many people lose their heads in front of this kind of earning opportunity and print dozens of different T-shirts but they will never sell. To those, you know directly (family, friends, neighbors) explain well what the T-shirt represents and make sure that they themselves want to wear it.Selling T-shirts online a possible business

Press phase does things right.

Here the basic argument to be addressed is first and foremost economic. In the U.S.A, there are many suppliers ready to print on solid color shirts. The best type of printing is silk-screen printing but it is expensive and therefore not suitable for small quantities. The most common is digital printing, which involves the reproduction of the design on a very thin film that is then fused onto the fabric. Buying a car of this kind costs about 4 thousand dollars, one with 15 thousand silk-screen printing. An investment that is clearly to be avoided at an early stage. Then trust a typographer who prints quality (at a good price)but that also manages to develop public relations to increase your turnover a bit. Many of them work in real agencies and deal not only with printing and production but also with sales, orders, and inventory. These are all aspects that should not be underestimated and that if done in the first person steal a lot of time: this way you can dedicate yourself to your business and your marketing strategy.

Dedicated to online marketing and focus on social media.

It is also true that by living in a big city it will be possible to offer the sale of their T-shirts in many commercial activities. But the web really remains the best way to launch yourself. Many rely on Facebook groups, fan pages, and Instagram to promote their own T-shirts. You can also open a blog and start posting professional photos of yourself (or a few friends) wearing your shirts. The “social” test is the best and on the other hand why not show your potential consumers how to wear your products?Selling T-shirts online a possible business

 Where to start?

A case for example Teespring.  A crowdfunding platform specialized in the design and sale of t-shirts. Born as a family-owned company, today it is a structured platform that offers anyone who wants the opportunity to design the design of t-shirts, set sales targets and launch their campaigns. When the campaign reaches its goal, Teespring takes care of production and distribution and then monitors the profits that are always kept under control by the entrepreneur. Teespring is currently present in 80 countries around the world and the platform hosts large fundraisers, new fashion brands, and celebrities for charity campaigns. And the service is free. A good start for this type of business, no doubt about it.

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