Sony PS4 Users Invited to Take Part in User Testing

As part of software releases and upgrades, many companies are choosing to open up beta-testing to a user community by inviting them to test and provide feedback before going live. This makes a lot of sense because these users know the product and are often fanatical users, particularly when it comes to the gaming world.

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Why User-Test?

The main reason for user-testing is to give real exposure and to understand how it will behave in the hands of actual product users. It can be likened to a soft software launch where bugs can be fixed early and identified user issues resolved. Also remember, of course, that the software will already have gone through thorough alpha-testing in-house with the developers themselves before getting to this stage.

With large companies such as Sony this can also help to prevent a big humiliation when launching a product too soon without testing it in the community. According to the Economic Times, beta-testing software on your intended audience can provide authentic feedback and help shape a stable software platform for final release.

Recently, Sony have paved the way by inviting their user community to sign up to test their latest system software update, which is version 4.0 for PS4. The users get the early opportunity to sample all the latest features in return for providing feedback to Sony. This is done through user-testing forums and enables Sony to tweak the software before the release date. This type of testing, particularly for the big organisations, will always attract lots of willing volunteers, so certain criteria will need to be met and there is no guarantee of being chosen either. It is important that when asking volunteers to attend a centre to take part in testing that they are treated to lunch and refreshments as well as sat at comfortbale desk in Operator Chairs such as the ones you can find at These volunteers, particularly keen gamers will sit for long periods of time to test out new games and software items and so it is important that their backs and necks are protected from muscle strains and specially designed chairs such as from the company mentioned are the best way to achieve this.

Software Testing

Sony are able to manage software testing in-house, but smaller software developers may require software testing services as well. Utilising external organisations can save time and avoid all the administrative headache of bringing together a user forum and providing feedback to the developers.

Motivating Sony users won’t be a problem, as there are many PS4 users in the world, but some developers will need to offer an incentive to make beta testers feel like it is worthwhile doing it. Of course, with Sony the excitement is all about the new features of the PS4, so no incentives are required.

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