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Working in the office has changed significantly over the past 20 years and is hardly recognizable. So, what is the office environment going to look like in the next 20 years? There are many innovative ideas and designs out there now, so let’s see what we might expect for our future generation of white-collar workers.

There is a lot of work being done on worker welfare and the understanding that productivity improves when we feel relaxed, appreciated, and communicative. Installing greenery and plenty of natural daylight are two ideas that are thought to reduce stress and help to encourage greater creativity. The thinking behind it is that when employees are located in a natural setting, they have greater feelings of well-being.

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In the future, office workers may rely more on virtual reality. Designers can experience their design model and there are opportunities to visit the environment and walk around, adjusting the size of the room, appearance, and lighting aspects. VR also has a place in training, where real-life scenarios can be practiced in the comfort of the reality of mockups. VR can be a new best friend for management, because you can imagine a deeply immersive environment where employees don’t get disturbed.

Paperless workplaces have been on the agenda for some time now and even though they have not yet been reached, they are still a much-targeted goal. Many feel that documents tether you to a desk and prefer the theory of nimble labour, not tethering, and therefore some offices experiment with not providing tables and giving employees only one storage drawer, for example. What’s your approach to office design? Get help from Office Fit out Companies like

The future office must be a flexible and adaptive space. Some will have a preference for traditional work practices with tables while others prefer to hot-desk or use an elevated standing table. Perhaps the solution is to have a different zone with an area provided for ‘retro’ work.

The office, in the way we currently recognise it, may not exist at all in the future. With the rise of all things digital, we can now work anywhere that has an internet connection. Because typical 9-5 is not suitable for everyone, work can be a 24-7 company. Biologists have revealed that 9-5 is not in harmony with natural biology and human body clocks, so if we want better health and well-being, maybe we need to be more flexible with our future work patterns.

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Collaborative work and sharing space are also ideas that will be commonplace for the next generation. Digital operations mean that we can now work across time zones, borders and cultures, sharing business via e-mail, telephone, video conferencing, and social media will become more than reality and help break down communication boundaries. Companies have also developed the idea of ​​sharing office space with other businesses that are of the same mind. With a similar work ethic, businesses can share rent and collaborate, open creativity and share ideas.

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