Tips for a Trip to Europe without Spending a Lot of Money

The dream of a trip to Europe is something that many of us have in mind, however, the prices are not completely accessible. This does not mean that there is not the opportunity to make such a trip.

Travel to Europe without spending much

The key to being able to travel to Europe in an economical way is making a correct planning. Which should be done months before leaving, as this will allow you to find how to move and where to stay early.

Each person is different in terms of expenses and travel forms but you can easily travel Europe in a couple of months with a budget of 1,500 Euros. This without counting flights and taking into account that everything was planned in advance.

The first step: The purchase of flights

The flight must be purchased months in advance, and flexibility is recommended on the dates. This way you can get a flight at a very affordable price.

If you plan to travel to Europe in high season, that is to say in summer, it is best to buy the tickets from January or February. If you search with this anticipation, flights will find you with 50% less than the normal price.

In addition to the anticipated time of buying the flights, you must know how to look for them in a way that you find cheaper. For this, it is good to resort to expert pages in this type of searches such as sky scanner, takeoff, kayak, hopper, etc. Tips for a Trip to Europe without Spending a Lot of Money

Another tip to find cheap flights is to look for travel at night, and use airports that are not the main ones.

However in Europe, you can also look for options to travel by train or bus, the latter is usually even cheaper. Another option is to use “blablacar” in this mode, the trip and expenses are shared with the driver and other passengers.

Where to Stay

As in the case of flights, it is best to book in advance to find places with an affordable price. In the same way, you can find many pages that help you find a place for a good price.

The advantages of these pages are that users comment and rate the places, so you can know if it is what you are looking for.

Some of these pages are Booking, Tripadvisor, Hostelworld, and Airbnb.

Miscellaneous expense

Meals, if you do not expect a flashy place you can find them up to 5 Euros. You can also buy groceries in the supermarket and prepare them in the place where you stay.

As for visits to important places, you can check the website for days that are free. Or if there are tours that only charge tips, these are very common in Europe.

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The importance of good luggage

Prior to the trip you should consider the type of weather of the destination you are going to and on that basis pack your suitcase. If you plan to move to several countries (ideally) we recommend you not to carry more than 10 kg. Do not worry about wearing a lot of clothes or unnecessary items.

Travel insurance

Many people do not take it into account but it is absolutely necessary, insurance is an important part of finances. And these can take us out of economic hardship especially in case of the incident in which we pay in another currency.

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