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When it comes to building your business a website it is always best to use a professional Gloucester Website Design company. The main reason for this is that they work with website software day in and day out and know the benefits and limitations of each one as well as being aware of the plugins that can be used on each one and also having coding experience to ensure that your website works seamlessly. They also understand the importance of SEO on a website to make sure that you appear as high up in the search engine results as you can.

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There are many different platforms used for building websites and the preferred choice of your Gloucester Website Design company will depend on your business requirements as well as your budget and what you are hoping to achieve from having a business website.

The reasons for wanting a business website can vary greatly and will depend very much on the product or service that you are selling as well as the types of customers that you attract. For example the main aim of any product based website is usually to sell items. This means that the website will have a shopping cart element as well as a payment gateway for customers to pay for the items that they purchase. There will also be a gallery of products which will include a picture of the product as well as a description of the item.

When it comes to service based website you will often find that these have sections on the website that will describe the service available as well as a blog page which will share industry related information which the business feels would be of value to their potential customers. You also often find testimonials on a service website which are used to give potential customers a way to review how others feel about the company.

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Here are a couple of platforms that are widely used:


This is by far the most popular platform for websites to be hosted in and it is thought that around 30 percent of all websites globally are created using this platform. WordPress can be used to build a variety of different website from your simpler blog style website as well as more complex ecommerce sites.


As the name would suggest Shopify is a website platform that is developed solely for ecommerce and shop based websites. It is thought that half a million businesses are hosted on this platform across the world.

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