V&A announces its first car exhibition

It has recently been announced that the Victoria and Albert Museum located in London will be hosting a special event, looking back at cars and how they’ve influenced British culture. This is the first ever car exhibition to be held at this location.

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The exhibition itself will be titled ‘Cars: Accelerating the Modern World’ and will be starting on November 23rd 2019 until April 19th 2020. The V&A has made the decision to feature this exhibition now as we approach another turning point within automotive design. The exhibition looks overall at the role of cars and how they have shaped the world we live in today.

The highlights

The highlight of this exhibition is that visitors will be able to see cars that have never been displayed before within the UK. You will also be able to see some of the classic machines like the 1888 Patent-Motorwagen – a vehicle that was the first ever production automobile.

As well as some of the most rare vehicles in the world being at this exhibition, visitors will also be able to see some cars that are normally only seen in the F1 Paddock Club Monaco. Cars such as the 1953 Firebird 1 Concept from General Motors, and the Tatra T77 from 1934 will be on full display. There’s also a curiosity piece in the form of a flying car that symbolises the future of motoring.

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A blast from the past

People who enjoy visiting the F1 Paddock Club Monaco will enjoy this exhibition immensely. Previous visitors to the F1 Paddock Club Monaco may even be able to spot themselves amongst the 250 items of automobilia that will also be on display at the event. All of these objects have been provided from films, car manufacturers and even magazines. Motor racing is expected to play a huge part in this exhibition because that’s where people started their love of racing cars and watching the sport.

The V&A has decided that now is the best time to launch this exhibition, citing that no other object in the world has been more impactful than the car. It highlights how great design can be really powerful in effecting change, focusing on unexpected consequences that have, in turn, contributed to our modern day environmental problems.

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