Which Web Designer do you want?

Your website should be a huge asset to your business but how do you know you’re getting the full benefit from it? If you’ve decided it’s time to give your site an MOT, then you’ll be looking for a web design and development company to help. Here are some tips to help you get started in your search:

Firstly, you want to find a designer who understands that your business needs real, tangible goals. Beware of fluff words like modern and clean. Of course, it will be modern and clean, but you want to know what real benefits you’ll see to a redesigned site. Notice how much they ask you about your business as they should be getting to know your business, your target audience and your goals in order to reflect your brand accurately.

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Here are 10 things to consider when choosing a web designer:

  1. Visit sites designed by the company and decide if you like their style. Do different sites offer a variety of styles or do they all feel similar?
  2. Find out if the company just focuses on programming or does graphic design too. If they don’t offer graphic design, ask them if they can recommend anyone.
  3. Be sure to question them over search engine optimisation so you know they will design a site to meet your marketing goals. The best way to do that is contact a business like a Web Design Yorkshire company found at sites such as etempa.co.uk and explain actually what you want.
  4. Check the fees and what’s included in that price. You’ll also want to ask about how they want to be paid. Will it be upfront or in instalments?
  5. It’s up to you to stay within your budget and to provide them with a clear picture of this so they don’t continue to suggest various add-ons.
  6. A good idea is to speak to previous clients and get the lowdown on how smoothly the process went and how pleased they were with the results? Are they communicative? Do they stick to time frames?
  7. Another important point to remember is whether they will be maintaining the site after completion. Find out what platforms and programming have been used in the design, in case you need to find someone else to maintain it.
  8. If you would rather maintain the site yourself, ask that this be easily achieved by using a platform like WordPress, on which you can edit text and some images.
  9. You’ll also want to check that you will own the copyright to everything on your site, except stock images. All the content, coding and any custom-made graphics should all be owned by you on completion of the project.
  • Crucially, you will want to get on well with the designer you choose. You’ll be communicating a great deal and working together so it’s important you have a good relationship. Do you share their values or ‘click’ with their personality? – if so, that’s perfect. The better you understand each other, the better the result of the finished project.


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